Type EHW – propeller system with controllable pitch propeller


Type EHW is a propeller system with a controllable pitch propeller. The propeller system is connected to a regular gear, and the shaft has a reversing function operated either by separate pumps or by an electrohydraulic generator. The system is intended for users with specific requirements for manoeuvring and for exploitation of the engine and who may require maximum output in all speed ranges.


Yearly maintenance normally consists of replacing the zinc, inspecting and reapplying grease to the propeller and checking that there is grease in the bearing housing. It may also be necessary to retighten the hose clamps on the stuffing box and to refill with lubricant. The system can also be supplied with a sailing position setting (EHWS).


Usage: There are requirements in place for the maximum exploitation of engine and propeller for a wider revolutions range.


Shaft dimensions: Diameter: 40–130 mm


Other information: Number of blades: 3–4 Standard transmission



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